There are many ways to get around Eugene/Springfield and the university— riding a bike, taking a bus or walking. Local buses are free for all university students with a current student ID card. Whichever form of transportation you decide to use, take measures to ensure the safety of yourself, your belongings, and others.

Air Travel

Eugene airport (EUG) is just 20 minutes from campus. Although a small-hub serving the greater Eugene area several airlines fly in and out each day. Another option is Portland's international airport (PDX), a 2-hour drive north of Eugene.

For new students coming to the AEI, you can request to be picked up at the Eugene Airport through a local shuttle service.

Request Pick-up from Eugene Airport

LTD / EMX Local Bus

The Lane Transit System (LTD) buses cover the major urban areas of Eugene and Springfield. All students enrolled in classes can ride the LTD buses for free with their UO ID card. For current bus routes and time schedules, visit LTD.


Bicycles are an easy and inexpensive way to get around campus and town. However, bicycles are frequently stolen. Register your bike with UO Department of Parking and Transportation. Bikes without heavy duty locks are at risk of being stolen. You should purchase a high-quality U-lock to secure your bike!

Bicyclists must obey the same traffic laws as motorists. Bikes do not have special privileges, you must stop at a red light and follow regular traffic laws or risk police traffic citation (ticket).

UO students may check out available bikes for 1-3 terms.  To rent a bike from the UO Bike Loan program, students should fill out the online form.

Be Sure To:

  • Lock your bike to a secure bike rack
  • Secure the lock to the frame and wheel of your bike
  • Take bags, lights, electronic devices, and other valuables you may have on your bike with you.


If you are going to the Portland airport or just want to travel around the west coast you have several options:


Amtrak trains are an easy way to travel to Portland, Seattle, and San Fransisco. The trains run right through Eugene. The train station is located at 433 Willamette Street. Purchase tickets in advance at Amtrak trains.

  • Location: 433 Willamette Street.
  • Website: Be sure to purchase tickets in advance at


Parking is limited on and around campus. Some spaces have meters that you pay by the hour; other spaces require a parking permit.

If you plan to drive, purchase a parking permit at the UO Department of Parking and Transportation, located at 1401 Walnut Street (541-346-5444). Park only where you see the Student Parking Lot signs.

Buying or Driving a Car

Owning and operating a motor vehicle carries serious responsibilities which should be considered before you buy a car. It is against the law to operate a car without having car insurance in Oregon. It is also against the law to operate a car without having a driver's license, or to drive while intoxicated (after drinking alcohol or using other drugs). If you disobey these laws, there may be heavy fines, or even jail sentences.

See Department of Motor Vehicles /DMV for details on driver's license requirements.

Taxis and RideShare

It is not easy to get a taxi by standing on the road and hoping to see one drive by. You must call a taxi company and arrange to meet the taxi. Here are a few that are recommended by students:

Another option is to use RideShare and download Lyft or Uber on your mobile device.