New Student Orientation

All new IEP students must register for and attend the New Student Orientation. After you are admitted, you will receive an email with a link to register for Orientation.

A remote pre-arrival orientation session will be scheduled three weeks before the beginning of the term.

AEI's New Student Orientation is designed to help you become familiar with each other, the UO campus, academic expectations, and student resources. We recognize that students face several challenges in setting up life here at the UO, and our goal is to provide you with the right mix of instructor, peer, and staff support. Orientation will help you become more prepared to begin your studies.

Orientation is mandatory for all new IEP students. If, for some reason outside of your control, you are unable to attend orientation, please contact as soon as possible.


In-Person Orientation

Meet our team

Learn about our Academics

Class format

Class tools such as Canvas, Office 365, DuckWeb

Admissions & Visa Advising

Health Center

Tutoring Program

Learn about AEI Activities

Learn about Student Services

AEI Tuition & Payments


Get a UO ID card

Learn how to buy textbooks at the DuckStore

Participate in a campus tour

Enjoy a group lunch with your future peers at a campus dining hall

Time for questions and personalized help to ensure all student account holds are addressed before classes begin