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AEI has provided high quality online teacher training to thousands of English language educators in more than 200 countries through projects such as the E-Teacher Scholarship Program, Shaping the Way We Teach English, Thai-UO Videoconferences, and in direct partnerships with Ministries of Education worldwide. UO AEI can meet English language teaching and training needs fully online upon request.

 Overseas and Hybrid

The Women Teaching Women English program, developed by UO AEI and delivered in partnership with the U.S. Embassy Beirut and the Hayya Bina organization, has served thousands of adult females with beginning level English tailored that meets their needs and interests. UO AEI can provide similar such programming in a combination of online and on-site work to meet specific needs.

Curriculum Research and Development

For the Oregon-Iraq Guided Online English Studies, UO AEI faculty provided parallel English language academic preparation materials and English language teacher training for hundreds of educators and students in more than a dozen institutions throughout Iraq and Kurdistan. UO AEI can provide a cost quote for:

  • Program evaluation and needs analysis; mentoring on accreditation processes
  • Collaborative curriculum and materials development
  • Training, teaching, and consulting
  • Specialized English for the workplace or academic areas such as Health Sciences, Law, Business

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