For four decades the American English Institute (AEI) has partnered with government ministries, universities and other academic institutions, and organizations from around the world. For the AEI, partnerships mean collaborating and building relationships. There are two ways to partner with the AEI: 

  1.  Partnerships  
  2. Customized Programming
People with or without disabilities are encouraged to apply.


Building partnerships between universities or other organizations is a way to construct bridges across institutions and cultures. Participants who have studied with the AEI return home and share their experiences with their peers. Those peers often then come to study and share a similar, yet different, experience.  The continuity helps build long-term trust between programs, and the bridges are strengthened each year. Students and professionals alike return home with a new view of working with, and in, other cultures. 

The AEI welcomes students and professionals who are interested in transformative learning experiences by being immersed in the larger University community. Working directly with home-country study abroad offices, the AEI is able to contribute to students' degree programs by offering certificates, issuing transcripts, and providing attendance records. 

Customized Programming

Customized programs can be designed to suit a group's professional and/or academic needs. To make the most of learning opportunities and budgets, study packages can be combined with AEI faculty visits to your location and/or time on the UO campus in combination with a variety of extra-curricular cultural and recreational activities.

Programming is flexible and can be structured in these ways: 

  • as non-credit, for Continuing Education Units, for credit through an accredited partnering overseas institution or official body such as a Ministry of Education (with proper coordination), or for credit through the UO (additional admission criteria and costs may apply)  
  • long-term (one full, 10-week term or more) or short-term (three to six weeks)  
  • integrated into the intensive English program, semi-integrated into the intensive English program with specialized electives, or completely independent
  • teacher training online, on the UO campus, abroad, or following a hybrid model

For questions about special group rates, customized programs, or blended programs (online courses plus face-to-face training on the UO campus or with a UO faculty trainer in a location outside the United States), please contact us.