Tuition and Payments

Tuition & Fee Payment

Pay Tuition and Fees

The deadline for Intensive English Program (IEP) payment is 5:00 PM on the Friday before classes start. (Please see IEP calendar for exact dates.) Students cannot complete registration for the term until tuition and fee payments are made in full. If tuition and fees are not paid on time, it will jeopardize enrollment status. 

Students will have access to their statement of fees in their DuckWeb accounts and will be able to view their bills online. This account will include all university-related fees (ID card, health center visits, rentals, medical insurance, IEP tuition, and UO fees). The UO billing cycle is month-to-month. If bills are not paid on time, students will accrue late fees.

How to Pay Tuition & Fees

The University of Oregon processes payments with an international credit card, a U.S. check or credit card, or with in-person payments such as cash.

To pay electronically:

  • Log into DuckWeb using your UO ID & PAC
  • Select Student Menu
  • Select QuickPay Student Account

For additional payment information and in-person instructions, please go to:

All tuition and fees must be paid by established due dates. Students with outstanding bills are not eligible to enroll in future terms until the account is paid in full.