Where will you live?

Making the transition from your home to living in the U.S.A. can be a big adjustment, we do our best here to help you feel at home before you arrive. Eugene offers the following affordable student living options:

UO AEI Homestay Program

AEI Homestay Program

The Homestay Program offers you a wonderful opportunity to live in the home of a local family in Eugene/Springfield, Oregon. Living with a family helps you to learn about daily life in the U.S., practice your conversational English skills and share your culture with others.

Students must apply before the AEI Homestay deadline. Students who are placed in an AEI Homestay should be in email communication with their Homestay families to arrange for airport pick up. Students must pay families directly with cash or check the first day of the month. If you have questions or concerns, contact aeihomestay@uoregon.edu.


Dormitory Housing

On-Campus Residence Halls and Family Housing

Living in University Housing provides students with convenient and cost-effective living options in and around campus. Housing facilities are staffed by campus professionals focused on providing welcoming and safe educational living communities. This is a great way to become comfortable with your new surroundings, make lots of domestic and international friends and learn more about US student life and culture.

Students will be sent their room assignment via email prior to their arrival with a check-in date and time. Students are directed by email to go to their Housing Service Center to check in. Term fees are charged directly to your UO account the week you move in. View maps

  • AEI Students are not required to live in the Residence Halls (dormitories).
  • AEI students can usually move into Residence Halls (dormitories) one day before the UO Housing move-in date.
  • Please note: If you chose to apply for the Residence Halls (dormitories), your contract runs from Fall term through Spring term. There is a penalty if you move out early.

On-Campus Housing

Live Off Campus

Off-Campus Housing

There are a wide-range of independent-living off campus options throughout Eugene/Springfield. Prices, location to campus, bus access, size and services vary. Fees must be paid upfront, monthly (see rental agreement). The UO Student Association (ASUO) is a resource for helping students find available housing. Living alone or with friends helps you gain real-world experience using English in a variety of situations.

For resources on where to live go to the Off-Campus resource guide. If you are in need of additional support contact the Housing and Homestay Coordinator at aeihomestay@uoregon.edu.

Off-Campus Housing


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