For many students, campus is not only a place to go to class and study; it's the place they call home. The University of Oregon is dedicated to providing a safe, secure living and learning environment for all students. 

The University of Oregon Police Department (UOPD) patrols the university’s 295-acre park-like campus and surrounding neighborhoods by foot, bike, and car. UOPD officers maintain an active presence on campus to deter crime and to heighten personal safety and building security. When walking around campus in the evening, students are encouraged to walk with a friend or in a group.

Safety and Security Resources

  • The UO campus is well-lit at night, and reflective Duck footprints on the sidewalk can help students navigate by the best-lit route.
  • Over thirty emergency call boxes are strategically distributed throughout campus. UOPD responds as quickly as possible after a call box has been activated. A PDF map of all call box locations is available online at
  • The Safe Ride Shuttle provides an alternative to walking alone at night. Safe Ride gives students free rides home up to 3 miles from campus. Students can call Safe Ride (541-346-7433) to reserve free rides after dark.
  • Students can arrange for a safety escort through the UOPD. Both men and women are welcome to call.
  • The UOPD provides limited vehicle assistance for jump-starts as a courtesy service to the campus community.
  • The university has developed UO Alert! text notifications to keep UO students informed in emergency situations.
  • In compliance with the federal Clery Act, the University of Oregon prepares an annual report on campus security and fire safety programs and services.

UO Safety

Public Safety

Everyone on campus has a responsibility to be alert to policies and review crime prevention tips from the UO Police Department:

  • Students should only carry small amounts of cash.
  • Personal belongings, such as bikes or cars, and your apartment or dormitory room should always be locked. In addition, bikes should be registered with the Office of Public Safety.
  • Don't walk alone at night, even on campus.
  • Students can call Safe Ride (541-346-7433) to reserve free rides near campus after dark.

Emergency 911

Dial 911 to call for EMERGENCY help. In case of a medical emergency, get to the nearest hospital or dial 911.

Urgent Care (non emergency)

Emergency Care

Ensure Your Safety

Safety and Security Resources

The UO and AEI are committed to our mission that every student has the right to pursue academic, social, and work activities without fear, harassment, or discrimination. All forms of sexual harassment are prohibited on campus, this includes verbal or physical abuse, pressure for sexual activities, unnecessary touching, physical assault including rape, or any other activity that causes bodily, emotional or mental distress. To explore your resources, speak with a counselor, report a crime contact:

Natural Disasters and Preparedness