Tutoring Program

Tutoring Program

The IEP has a robust program to help students improve their English inside and outside of class with highly trained University of Oregon students. IEP students can work with UO students in the following ways:  



Conversation Partners

The Conversation Partner Program gives IEP students an opportunity to practice English outside the classroom through casual conversation with UO student tutors. AEI Tutors are native or near-native English speakers who can also help AEI students learn about university resources and ease students' transition to life at the University of Oregon.

Conversation Partner Program

This program is optional, but we encourage all IEP students to sign up! Conversation Partners offer IEP students a low-risk opportunity to connect with an American student for informal conversation practice.

If you sign up, a special AEI Tutor will be assigned as your Conversation Partner or “CP” for the term. You meet your CP once a week during weeks 3-8 (6 weeks) for casual conversation. You can ask them about the university, American culture, or any other topic, and you can share your culture with them, too.

Once your CP has been assigned to you, they will reach out to you at your UO email address to start scheduling meetings.

If you have questions, please contact the AEI Tutoring Program Office at aeitutoroffice@uoregon.edu.

Classroom Tutors

Tutors also provide support for the Speaking & Listening and elective classes. They help students to practice discussions and conversations in pairs or small groups. Tutors attend class once a week, and they participate in activities designed by the teacher.

Tutoring Program American English Institute

The American English Institute (AEI) Tutoring Program (sometimes called the Tutor and Conversation Partner Program, or TCP) is an academic service provided by the AEI for students in the Intensive English Program (IEP). The Tutoring Program supports your classroom learning by providing authentic language learning experiences.

The AEI Tutors are a diverse group of native or near-native UO students who are here to mentor and support international students like you!

The Tutoring Program provides two services: Classroom Tutoring and the Conversation Partner Program. Classroom Tutoring

AEI Tutors may attend your Speaking and Listening classes to assist the instructors. They help with leading small-group discussions and other classroom activities so that you can get more practice with native English speakers.

Tutor Testimonial

"I really appreciate all of the relationships I have formed by working at AEI. The students, fellow student workers, as well as other staff have all been a pleasure to work with. I feel as though I have gained a better understanding of the world and our beautiful differences through meeting so many wonderful people." - Kayleigh Eagen, Former AEI Tutor