Academic English for International Students (AEIS)

The AEIS program helps international students develop advanced expertise in English. Students take regular UO courses while enrolled in the AEIS program. AEIS courses are credit-bearing courses and count toward UO graduation requirements. The only way to be exempt from the AEIS program is with a UO approved demonstration of English proficiency.

Students Conditionally Admission to the University of Oregon

The University of Oregon may offer students conditional admission if they do not meet the UO minimum language requirement.  Conditionally admitted students will attend the American English Institute to study English in the Intensive English Program (IEP). The IEP provides outstanding English language instruction and helpful acculturation strategies for students to be successful at the university level. 

Upon successful completion of this program, you will enter the UO as an undergraduate with additional Academic English (AEIS) courses.

Apply to be a UO undergrad

Transitioning from conditionally admitted to University of Oregon Undergraduate Student Status 

There are two ways to become an admitted UO undergraduate student: 

  1. Successfully completing level 6 of the Intensive English Program (IEP). 
  2. Receiving the UO minimum admission score AND being in good academic standing in the IEP, which means passing all current IEP classes.   

NOTE: Students who are disqualified from the AEI for academic and/or attendance reasons will also lose their conditional admission to the UO. To be readmitted, students must 

  1. demonstrate a commitment to academic study by successfully completing two full terms at another U.S. institution and 
  2. petition AEI for reinstatement.

Conditionally admitted students who successfully transition to UO as undergraduate students must take the AEIS placement test to determine if they need to take additional Academic English (AEIS) courses. 

  1. Students must request the proficiency test scores be sent directly to the UO Office of Admissions. 
  2. If your score is verified AND you passed your IEP classes, the UO Office of Admissions will contact you about your admission status.
  3. The UO Office of Admissions will verify your English proficiency score, which can take 12 weeks or longer.
  4. The UO Office of Admissions will verify that you have passed your IEP.
  5. The UO Office of Admissions will notify students of their admission status.