Graduate English

English Preparation

The AEI’s Intensive English Program (IEP) provides credit and non-credit classes.  Non-credit programs include a 3-Week Grad-Prep and Academic English for Graduate Preparation. The credit program offers a number of courses, workshops, and services to support students seeking graduate degrees. These offerings include English language and academic courses, such as research and writing, critical reading and graduate discussion skills, Statement of Purpose writing workshops, and assistance in researching potential programs in their fields.



3-Week Grad-Prep - not offered until Summer 2022

Offered the last week of August and the first two weeks of September, Grad Prep is for students who already have admissions to a graduate program at the UO or another university. 


  • Provide an intensive overview of graduate culture.
  • Focus on academic language and skills.
  • Survey academic resources.
  • Plan for academic success.

Policies and Guidelines

  • Students must have received admission to a graduate program in the US. 

Duration of Study

  • An intensive 3-weeks

Application and Visa

  • There is no formal application. Email with your name, degree program, hosting university, and university start date. 
  • Deadline for application is August 14, 2020 (without UO health insurance) or June 20 (with UO health insurance).
  • UO does not issue visas for this program. Students should have received a visa from their host institution.

Academic English for Graduate Preparation (AEGP)

This three-term program is for outstanding students who are interested in graduate studies at the University of Oregon or other universities but do not meet the minimum language requirement for direct admission. 

The goal of AEGP is to support students as they apply to graduate school here at UO so students can successfully gain admission to the graduate program of their choice. This program is a combination of intensive English classes and audited UO lower-division classes totaling 20-25 hours per week.  


  • Offer graduate-level advanced language training, academic classroom acculturation, and resource overview. 
  • Provide test taking strategy support. 
  • Aid in understanding and completing the application process. 
  • Connecting students with their departments of interest.  

Policies and Guidelines 

  • IEP Application
  • Admission requirements  
    • Completed Bachelor’s degree 
    • High-intermediate English level* 

*NOTE: Students apply to the PROGRAM. They must present a minimum TOEFL of 61 or IELTS score of 6.0 prior to their arrival on campus.  If a student has a score below 60 TOEFL or a 5.5 IELTS or below, then they must enroll in the IEP level appropriate based on the AEI Accuplacer test.  

Duration of Study 

  • TOEFL of 61 or IELTS score of 6.0 will participate in all three terms. 
  • TOEFL of 79 or IELTS score of 6.5 will participate in two terms. 
  • Students with a TOEFL of 88 or IELTS of 7 are welcome to participate in the last term of the course 

A letter of admission to the AEI will provide details about the study plan based on the required duration of study and degree program’s start date.  


  • Students come on a UO F visa. 

Tuition and Fees 

  • Application Fee - $110 
  • Students pay all UO fees and health insurance. 
  • Tuition: $5500 per term.
  • UO fees and health insurance: $2100 per term. 

Apply to the IEP



Academic English for Graduate Students (AEIGS) classes, listed in the class schedule under the Graduate Studies prefix GRST, prepare international graduate students to write academic papers.  The curriculum puts emphasis on rhetorical purpose, fluency, organization, discourse conventions, accuracy in writing, documentation, and appropriateness for specific writing tasks, including summaries, reviews, projects, reports, and research papers.