Intensive English Program (IEP)

10-week term

The American English Institute’s Intensive English Program (IEP) is a 10-week term of study offered throughout the year. During a term, full-time students take 18 hours of core courses and up to 6 additional hours of electives.

We also offer a Remote Intensive English Program to study from your home country. During a term, students can take 6 hours, 12 hours, or 18 hours of core courses, if enrollment numbers permit.

4-week term

The Intensive English Program also offers half-term sessions: Session A and Session B. Session A is the first 5 weeks of a term, and Session B is the second 4 weeks of a term. This shorter program offers similar opportunities and experiences as the regular 10-week term. However, students do not receive a grade and cannot be promoted to the next level. Homestay is the only housing option for a 4-week term.

The IEP curriculum is built with 7 levels, from ePrep to Level 6, that are designed for students interested in general English and undergraduate-level academic English preparation. AEI is currently not offering ePrep or Level 1. Contact for more information. 

Graduate students who have completed Level 6 are eligible to take GradPrep courses to achieve a higher level of language and to work on academic skills that are more appropriate in a graduate context.

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Intensive English Program Levels

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