Lillian Testimonial



"The AEI is a wonderful place to learn English because the teachers are competent and the administration is listening to the students, the setting is peaceful and well equipped. At Eugene, at AEI I truly got the real pleasure of learning and understanding the beautiful English language. It is an environment to visit, it is an experience to live."

Ying Testimonial



"The AEI experience improved my English skills and helped me become successful in business major classes. My homestay family helped improve my English and taught me a lot about American culture. They are friendly and treat me as part of the family."

Abdulrahman Testimonial



"People are so friendly here... I have learned more in one quarter at AEI than I have learned my entire life."

Mutriba Testimonial



"Great hospitality, great teaching, great university, great friends and a great time!"

Henry Testimonial



"The AEI leads us to improve our English skills. There are interesting classes, amusing activities, and good people in the AEI. How amazing it is!"

Keshab Testimonial



"I am feeling myself very lucky that I got this grand opportunity to acquire the brilliant ideas through this course. Certainly my students have gained a lot of new ideas and information from me. My teaching strategy has been changed [and] I have started to prepare my lessons well. Innovative practices have arisen curiosity and greater interest among the students. Other teachers in my school are also interested to my ideas. I am feeling quite refreshed, young and active. I have gained a new life."