Dining at the University of Oregon is an experience tailored to our students, faculty, staff, and guests. Whether you want to dine at an all-you-care-to-eat location, get food to go, or share a coffee and pastry with a friend, there are so many convenient options to choose from! Our culinary-trained chefs prepare unique made-to-order dishes with true attention to detail and quality. We purchase many of our foods from local farms and focus on foods in season. Our UO Foodies who serve on our Food Forum group are constantly helping us invent new dishes, concepts, and make improvements in all that we do. Premier dining isn't just a good meal—it's our philosophy!

On-Campus Dining Hall Options: Eat Smart, Eat Well

Healthy living begins with you!  UO Dining purchases most of its foods from local farms, which focus on foods in season. Join us for delicious meals at any one of our nine venues.

Ducks Dine On Foodies of all kinds are encouraged to join Ducks Dine On, available to UO students living off-campus. The plan can be used at all nine campus dining venues throughout the year. The meal plan ranges from 10 meals for $82.50 = $8.25 per meal to 100 meals for $750 = $7.50 per meal and receives a “Golden” mug to consume free self-serve beverages including soda, coffee, and tea at any of our dining venues for no additional charge.

Sign up is easy! Complete the application online, or visit the University Housing Office.

Around Eugene

There are many inexpensive restaurants in the campus area. Eugene has cuisine from all over the world. Near campus, you will find: Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Korean, Mexican, and Italian restaurants, among others. 

Looking for where to eat around UO? See a full restaurant list at UO Restaurants.

Area Specialty Supermarkets:

  • Market of Choice a supermarket located next to campus
  • Plaza Latina Supermarket (for some Central/South American or Middle Eastern groceries)
  • Sunrise Foods, Yi-Shen, Kings (Asian foods)
  • Kiva, Capella, Sundance, Friendly Markets (local and organic)