AEI Refund Policy

AEI Refund Policy

You may receive a full refund if your cancel with an AEI International SEVIS Advisor prior to the first day of classes. All other refunds are calculated from the date you officially withdraw, NOT the date of your last class attendance. Please see the Registrar's Office refund schedule for specific dates.

Prior to end of week 1
AEI Tuition 90%
UO Fees 90%

Prior to end of week 2
AEI Tuition 75%
UO Fees 75%

Prior to end of week 3
AEI Tuition 50%
UO Fees 50%

Prior to end of week 4
AEI Tuition 25%
UO Fees 25%

No refunds after week 4. No refunds after week 1 for Sessions A/B.
For Homestay, if a student leaves early there is an early departure fee of $300 and they must pay $25 per day for the days they stayed with the host family.