International Business Communication

The International Business Communication Program is a series of five courses offered through the University of Oregon’s renowned Lundquist College of Business in cooperation with the American English Institute and the Department of Linguistics. Knowledgeable instructors mentor undergraduate international students to communicate effectively across cultures in a range of business contexts.

The IBC Program will help you develop valuable intercultural business communication skills to succeed in the global marketplace!

Do you plan to get a job after graduating? Then the International Business Communication (IBC) Program is for you. Being able to communicate successfully is the key to success within any organization. The courses in the IBC program provide students in ALL majors with practical skills that will prove valuable in UO courses and on the job.

The IBC Program offers something for everyone. Two of the courses, BA361 Cross-Cultural Business Communication and BA365 Cross-Cultural Negotiation (good for salaries, too!), are open to all undergraduate students, both native and nonnative speakers of English. The other three courses, BA362 Effective Business Writing, BA363 Effective Business Presentations, and BA364 International Business Research Methods, are open only to nonnative speakers of English.

Did you know that at least one third of our students come from majors other than business, ranging from foreign languages and international studies to economics, biology and the arts?

The IBC Program builds upon the intercultural and linguistic strengths of all international or US students who are non-native speakers of English. By taking only five courses, students receive a Letter of Mastery in International Business Communication, an impressive addition to a résumé.

Enjoy the small class size and the opportunity to develop a sense of community while learning with students and faculty and while building key academic and professional communication skills.

In the IBC Program you will:

  • Build practical skills for success in UO courses.
  • Develop valuable skills to get a good job in any field in the global marketplace.
  • Enjoy small classes and a close network of students and faculty.
  • Fulfill your non-business breadth requirement with 5 courses instead of 6 if you are a business major.
  • Earn a Letter of Mastery in International Business Communication

IBC Program Current Courses

Each IBC course is four credits and the entire curriculum can be completed over one or two years. There are no prerequisite courses.

BA 361 Cross-Cultural Business Communication

Learn to communicate effectively in international and domestic business contexts.
Offered every fall, winter, and spring term

BA 362 Effective Business Writing

Improve your writing in business settings. Receive individual feedback.
Nonnative Speakers of English only
Offered every fall term

BA 363 Effective Business Presentations

Prepare and deliver effective business presentations with confidence!
Nonnative Speakers of English only
Offered every winter term

BA 364 International Business Research

Learn to research international business organizations and environments. Great skills to include on your résumé!
Nonnative Speakers of English only
Offered every spring term

BA 365 Cross-Cultural Negotiation

Learn to resolve conflicts and reach agreements in business.