Host Family Application

Please fill out this form if you would like to be a host family. If you are a student who wants to live with a host family, please fill out the student Homestay Application Form.

Spouse Information
Please list the other adults living in your home:
For example: John Doe, 32, Brother
Please list the children living in your home:
James Doe Jr., 16, Son
Personal Interests and Hobbies
Personal Family Information
Hosting Preferences
Household Pet Information
For example: 2 Outdoor Cats
Transportation and Accessibility
Why would you like to be a host family?
Policy Agreement
1. The host’s primary reason for hosting a student is to offer a safe, friendly, and welcoming environment for the purpose of cross-cultural exchange (rather than monetary gain). The host(s) has read the AEI Homestay Guidelines and agrees to follow the stated standards and recommendations. Among other things, the host(s) understands that discrimination and harassment, including sex or gender-based harassment, is strictly prohibited, and the host(s) agrees to report any such prohibited conduct immediately to AEI. 2. The host acknowledges that the host shall make separate financial arrangements with the student concerning payment of the monthly stipend, and neither the AEI nor the UO shall be a party to said contractual arrangement. The AEI and the UO are not responsible and do not guarantee payment by the student. 3. The AEI wishes to clarify that completion of this application does not guarantee student placement in the home (as enrollment and homestay needs vary) and the AEI is not able to guarantee that there will be a replacement in a given home once a student moves on. 4. The host agrees that no additional fees other than the $700 per month stipend will be charged to the international student. The student pays by the month only not for the entire term upon arrival. Special sponsored group program arrangements may differ. 5. The hosts explicitly consent to complete a University of Oregon administered criminal history background check on behalf of her/himself and all residents in the home over the age of 18.
Agree to the policy above by entering your full name