Help Desk Tutoring Program


AEI Tutoring Services offers Help Desk sessions for all IEP students to get homework help and talk with University of Oregon students. Trained tutors can help students with speaking and listening skills, writing and grammar support, and TOEFL / IELTS preparation. Email to sign up for a remote Help Desk session over Zoom.

Help Desk Hours: (Week 2-Week 10) Monday – Thursday, 10am - 4pm


Help Desk Tutors provide assistance with a variety of activities and homework practice. Some things IEP Students may request assistance with include:

  • Homework
  • Writing assignments (grammar, composition, formatting, citation)
  • Interviews
  • TOEFL or IELTS test practice
  • Extra conversation practice
  • Remote learning tools

Help Desk is staffed by trained tutors and although not professional instructors, they can help students become independent learners by providing guidance and support.


Non-IEP students who want additional tutoring or homework help can purchase a punch card for 5 help desk sessions for $25 dollars ($5 a session). Please email the tutoring office at to purchase a punch card or if you have any questions.