Student Services


Academics are only part of the student experience at AEI. When students come to the IEP, they are supported by a range of services to enhance their experience.


Even before they arrive on campus, students have access to prearrival resources to help them prepare.  Once they arrive and before classes begin, students participate in a comprehensive orientation to learn about the UO campus, the IEPs academic courses, useful resources and expectations. The orientation continues through students' first term with the ongoing orientation course, "International Student Success." Throughout their studies, students can get help from the resource coordinator with issues related to everyday life from driver's licensing to landlord problems to health concerns.

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The IEP has a robust program to help students improve their English inside and outside of class with highly trained University of Oregon students. IEP students can work with UO students in the following ways:  


The IEP Student Engagement Office helps students better understand and feel connected to the UO and larger community through weekly activities and volunteer opportunities. There are dozens of activities from on campus activities such as coffee hour and cooking nights to longer trips to Portland, the Oregon Coast and other destinations. Students also have the opportunity to give back to the community through volunteer service at local non-profit organizations. Students can work with children or senior citizens, build houses, or work in a food kitchen or community garden. 

ADVISING: Academic and SEVIS/Immigration

The IEP’s academic advisors work one-on-one with students to ensure they are academically prepared and successful. In addition, the IEP has dedicated international advisors to help students with l-20s and visa-related issues.