Senior Citizen Experience

Senior citizens can engage in their favorite pastimes while studying English. Explore American culture, enjoy the natural beauty that Oregon has to offer, and shop in a tax-free state. Intended for senior citizens, all events, activities, and field trips require low to moderate activity.

Highlights: Program Focus:

  • Speaking: make self-understood in multiple social, on-campus, and off-campus situations, such as completing shopping transactions, ordering in a restaurant, etc.
  • Reading: demonstrate understanding of handouts and classroom materials by passing short comprehension quizzes; demonstrate comprehension of some authentic material related to tourism, natural attractions, etc.
  • Listening: demonstrate understanding of short 3- to 5-minute videos related to weekly topics and tourist/cultural activities
  • Writing: complete short quizzes and topic-related word and sentence games, complete worksheets related to cultural/tourist activities and field trips; create and maintain a travel blog or online site with photos and written descriptions of activities and field trips.

Activities include:

  • Shopping
  • Cooking and food
  • Nature
  • Sports
  • The Sea
  • Grapes and hops; Vineyards and breweries
  • 4th of July event


July 1st-July 20th


Please contact us for costs and additional information

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