Sample IEP Orientation Week Schedule

Friday (Mandatory)

  • Welcome session (1 hour)
  • English Placement test (2 hours)
  • Get ID Card
  • Independent Lunch Break (food not provided)
  • Duck ID Clinic: Duckweb (student account) and DuckID (UO email) help

Monday (Mandatory)

  • Academic Orientation
  • New Student Luncheon (food provided)
  • Activities and Volunteering
  • Student conduct meeting
  • Dormitory meeting
  • Tuition payment deadline

Tuesday (Mandatory)

  • Immigration Orientation
  • Conversation Partner Meet and Greet/ Campus Tour Hunt
  • Independent Lunch Break (food not provided)
  • Student safety meeting
  • Health Clinic Immunization records submission and health insurance enrollment help
  • Homestay Orientation

Wednesday (Mandatory)

  • IEP Registration (Receive your class schedule)

Thursday (Mandatory)

  • First day of classes