Life in Eugene

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Eugene, Oregon is a medium-size city of 200,000 people. Eugene is famous for its natural beauty and is surrounded by tree-covered mountains with rivers flowing through the center of town. The city has many parks and bicycle trails.

Eugene is a city of active, friendly people, and there is always something new to explore. It has some characteristics of a much bigger city, such as art galleries, world-class sporting events, museums, a strong music scene, as well as shopping malls. However, it also has a home-town feeling, with street markets and tree-lined streets.

The lifestyle and clothing in Oregon is very informal – an attitude that suits its multicultural student community very well.

Making Friends While at the AEI

As an AEI student, you are part of the larger UO campus and with your DuckID have access to campus resources from the Rec Center climbing wall to Oregon Natural History Museum - - there is much to experience and explore on campus.

Our campus is host to students from over 89 countries and all walks of Americans. Even before you come to campus we encourage you to contact student groups to learn more from peers about student life in Eugene.     

Student Organization                Website/Blog            Facebook
African Student Association                       ASA                ASA
Argentine Tango Club                       ATC  
Asian Pacific American Student Union                APASU
Chinese Philanthropic Leadership Association                      CPLA               CPLA
Chinese Student Scholars Association                 CSSA
Hong Kong Student Association                      HKSA                HKSA
International Student Association                       ISA                ISA
Japanese Student Association                       JSO                JSO
Korean Student Association                  KSA
Muslim Student Association                       MSA                MSA
Saudi Student Association of UO                  SSA
Students of the Indian Subcontinent                       SIS  
Taiwanese Student Association                  TSA
Vietnamese Student Association                       VSA                VSA
  • Mills International Center (MIC) Located in the EMU, this is a gathering place for student activities on campus. Open for hanging out, study, meeting others, Mon - Sat, 10am - 7pm. 
  • Service Learning & Volunteer Opportunities Join the UO Duck Corps and learn about group and individual opportunities throughout the  community.
  • Alternative Breaks Spend a week with a team of UO students working to make the world a little better. Sign up for winter, spring or summer trips that address a social issues of local, domestic, or international importance.
  • Club Sports  allows students to compete in athletic events such as martial arts, cycling, and soccer.  Many teams recruit every term. Stop by the Club Spore, Suite 6 in the EMU.
  • Student Organizations & Clubs UO Student Organizations - There are over 100 groups working to promote cross-cultural learning and create dynamic community events on campus.
  • Craft Center in the basement of the EMU offers a number of inexpensive classes, usually in the evening or on weekends, in woodworking, bike repair, ceramics, fiber arts, jewelry, painting, photography and other crafts.  
  • GROUP X: Purchase a punch card program with over 30 workout sessions per week for drop-in participation. Student instructors provide challenging workouts in Zumba, yoga, cycling, kick-boxing and more! Punch cards can be purchased at the Rec Center front desk.
  • Intramural Sports Program: Offers sports leagues in volleyball, soccer, basketball, ultimate Frisbee, and softball. Call 541-346-4113 or visit
  • Outdoor Programs (OP) Experience Oregon; the tall trees, mountains, coast, rivers, and waterfalls. Sign up to join weekend hiking, camping, biking, skiing, and rafting outings.
  • Holden Leadership:The Leadership Lounge: Offers Thursday afternoon conversations on topics related to leadership. Every Thursday,  4 - 5pmUO Duck Corp: Works to connect students with volunteer opportunities throughout the community.Alternative Breaks: Spend a week with a team of UO students working to make the world a little better. Sign up for winter, spring or summer trips that address a social issues of local, domestic, or international importance.
  • Yamada Language Center sponsors a Language Exchange Program.  You can meet an American student who wants to learn your language, and who wants to help you with your English.