Orientation Week

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All new IEP students must register for and attend Orientation Week.

Register for Spring 2017 Term Orientation
April 3-7, 2017

Register for Summer 2017 Term Orientation
June 23-28, 2017

Register for Fall 2017 Term Orientation
September 22-27, 2017

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The AEI's IEP Orientation Week is mandatory.  Orientation is designed to help you become familiar with each other, the UO campus, academic expectations, and student resources. We recognize that students face several challenges in setting up life here at the UO and we try to provide you with the right mix of instructor, peer, and staff support. With each session you will become more prepared to begin your studies and make Eugene your home.

Orientation is mandatory, if for some reason out of your control, you are unable to arrive on time, please contact aeiservices@uoregon.edu.

Sample IEP Orientation Week Schedule:

Monday (Mandatory):

Welcome session (1 hour)

English Placement test (2 hours)

Tuesday (Mandatory):

10 am Immigration Orientation

11 am Adjusting to a New Culture

12 pm New Student Luncheon (food provided)

1 pm Conversation Partner Meet and Greet

Afternoon Clinic: Duckweb (student account) and DuckID (UO email) help

Wednesday (Mandatory):

10 am Academic Orientation

12 pm Independent Lunch Break (food not provided)

1 pm Student Conduct, Health and Safety

Afternoon Clinic: MMR immunization records submission and health insurance enrollment help

Thursday (Optional):

Free day for students to take care of personal needs

11 am Optional Activities and Tours

5 pm Tuition payment deadline

Friday (Mandatory);

11 am - 2 pm IEP Registration (Receive your class schedule)

4 pm International Coffee Hour (optional)

Orientation Week Checklist

  1. Fill out Check-in form with local Eugene address
  2. Obtain a UO ID Card
  3. Complete English Language Placement Test
  4. Set up your Duckweb / Claim your DuckID (UO email account)
  5. Send UO Health Center MMR immunization records
  6. Enroll in UO health insurance or submit your own health insurance policy to apply for a waiver:

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