Student Complaint and Problem Solving Process

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The UO is committed to ensuring that all students have access to a quality learning experience and the opportunity to pursue their academic goals in a safe, supportive learning environment. 

When possible, students with issues related to their AEI experience, should first attempt to work with AEI support services.

Conflict Resolution Communication Steps:

  1. If your concerns/issues are with an individual, instructor, or classmate, talk with them directly.
  2. Meet with appropriate AEI contact person (below).

 AEI related issues / concerns with:


  • IEP class schedule, level, or placement
  • IEP academic policies or related concerns
  • Registering for UO classes
  • UO Admissions (matriculation)
  • An instructor’s behavior
  • A classmate’s behavior

 Academic Advising, Pacific Hall 160/Onyx Bridge

  • Personal safety

  • Unexpected financial or health issue

  • Housing issue

 Student Services, Asst Director, Pacific Hall 107

  • Immigration or Transfer-out

 AEI International SEVIS Advisor, Onyx Bridge161

  • A tutor or conversation partner
Tutoring Services Coordinator, Pacific Hall 117
  • A host family situation
Homestay Office, Pacific Hall 117
  • Interaction(s) with AEI staff or faculty

 AEI Office Manager, Pacific Hall 107

If you talk to someone on the AEI faculty or staff and are not satisfied with the results, you can request an appointment with the AEI Director, either by writing a letter to the Director or by making an appointment in the AEI office, 107 Pacific.

The Director will investigate your complaint and respond in writing within ten business days. A record will be kept of your complaint and of the Director’s response, and an administrative group will review it within twenty business days, in order to evaluate whether any change in policy or procedure is required.

Other UO Resources

If you know someone who is feeling any form of bias, harassment or any related complaint, please contact the following services:

Having trouble with your roommate, neighbor, professor, classmates, or friends? CRS offers impartial and confidential services for working through difficulties / conflicts, making decisions, or planning for the future. Services are free for the UO community.

provides free advice and assistance to incidental fee-paying students who are having problems with the UO.  OSA also provides generalized advocacy on behalf of students’ rights within the university’s administrative framework.

Having trouble or complaints with academic policy or student conduct issues? You can File a Complaint online.

Provides professional legal assistance to UO students on a variety of off campus legal issues.

Sexual Harassment or Sexual Assault that interferes with a student’s ability to be an engaged learner is contrary to the community values of the institution and should be reported to the Office of Affirmative Action.

UCTC provides individual counseling, group counseling, and workshop programming.

  • Feeling stressed or overwhelmed with life? Need help problem solving? Visit the Counseling Center.  
  • If you or a friend has experienced sexual assault and are looking for support, options, or information about reporting visit
  • Students alleging discrimination by faculty or staff members should contact the Office of the Dean of Student Services.