Grading System

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Term Grade Reports/Transcripts

After the end of each term, IEP students receive Final Grade Reports, which list the grades for the courses they were enrolled in during that term. Transcripts include cumulative grades for all completed terms at the AEI. Grades for courses taken directly through the UO will be listed directly on students’ DuckWeb accounts, but do not appear on the AEI Final Grade Reports or transcripts.

1. IEP Grades are based on achievement of the required language proficiency objectives in the course.  Advancement to the next level is based on receiving a language proficiency grade of 80% or higher.

  • 100% - 80%  Demonstrated mastery of required learning objectives
  • 79% - 60%    Demonstrated partial mastery of the required objectives
  • 59% - 0%      Unable to demonstrate mastery of required objectives

2. Performance Descriptors rate students’ effort, homework, participation, and improvement using a 1 - 5 scale:

1 = Excellent,     2 = Very Good,     3 = Good,     4 = Fair,     5 = Poor   

3. IEP Elective Courses are graded as either:

  • Pass (P) / No Pass (NP) for 2-hour electives

  • Percentage (%) grade for 4-hour electives