Intensive English Program (IEP)

The AEI is located in the heart of Eugene, Oregon, a beautiful, clean, and safe place to study and experience American culture. We offer intensive English instruction supported by teachers with strong professional backgrounds in ESL teaching methods. Our conversation partner program helps you improve your English fluency while learning American culture. The AEI’s activities outside the classroom are a fun way to experience campus life.

Our Intensive English Program (IEP) offers English language learning adults an opportunity to improve their academic and professional English skills. The program prepares students for academic work at the University of Oregon or similar academic institutions. Students at any level of English language study can benefit from studying at the AEI. We offer seven proficiency levels of classes, from beginning through advanced. The IEP offers a comprehensive curriculum of core classes, electives, and extracurricular programming designed to meet the academic needs and interests of our English language learners.

Courses are designed to create a positive and effective English learning environment within the larger university campus. Content builds linguistic, inter-cultural, and contextual skills for seamless success into the U.S. educational system.

At the AEI, we focus on providing you with the best English learning experience possible. There are many opportunities each week for you to enjoy FUN, FRIENDS and CONVERSATION! We offer a wide range of social, cultural, and recreational activities to help you connect with campus and the community. Join the AEI Student Volunteer Program to get involved in planning events and volunteer service projects. We look forward to working with you!

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IEP Weekly Opportunities:  


Intensive English Program (IEP)

  • Join students from around the world, make new friends, and improve your English skills. The American English Institute (AEI) is your pathway to the American college experience.



Exceptional Curriculum

Offered throughout the year, each session is nine weeks long with 18 - 22 hours of instruction per week. Courses are designed to create a positive and effective English learning environment. Content builds linguistic,  intercultural, and academic skills for seamless integration into programs at US universities.  

Wide Array of Elective Courses

Courses include test preparation, pronunciation, business English, conversation practice and American culture. Students with adequate proficiency can enroll in UO undergraduate courses through the Community Education Program.

Language Support

We are one of the few English institutes that pay all of our Tutors and Conversation Partners. The Tutoring and Conversation Partner Program supports all IEP students in reaching their academic goals and adjusting to US culture. Through peer tutoring and mentoring, assistance with classroom  activities, and homework help, Conversation Partners enhance the student experience at the UO.

Small Class Size

To ensure personal attention for each student, classes are small, averaging 15 students per class. Instructors focus on interacting with each individual, challenging students to learn and actively participate in class.

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Homestay Program

We are one of the few English institutes to personally oversee our own homestay program. Homestay students make life-long bonds with host families, who love learning about new cultures. Host families help teach students about U.S. culture and help students learn English faster.

State -of-the-Art Facilities and Technologies

Students are granted full access to UO Libraries'   educational technologies and resources. Also, as a  partner of the the Yamada Language Center (YLC),  students are invited to use the YLC's excellent technical facilities for all their homework and language needs.

Student Support Services

AEI's academic advisers work one-on-one with students to ensure they are academically prepared and successful. AEI has dedicated international advisers to help students with I-20s and visa-related questions. The UO has an on-campus Counseling and Health Center committed to student health.

Extracurricular Opportunities

Students have full access to UO clubs, athletics tickets, student groups, and fitness and recreation facilities. The AEI hosts activities throughout each term and a volunteer program that brings students together to build  international understanding through service.  




Classic college town—with a twist

Ideally situated between the Pacific Coast and the  Cascade mountains, the city of Eugene is progressive, welcoming and safe. Residents are outdoor  adventurers, entrepreneurs, intellectuals, artists, and free thinkers of all stripes, united by a common desire to keep Eugene unique.  

Diverse Career Opportunities

In Eugene there are many great career opportunities with famous companies such as Nike, Intel, Columbia Sportswear and many more!  

Affordable and Safe Living Environment

We have a low-cost of living compared to other states on the west coast which means more education for your dollar! Also, Eugene is known across the globe for be friendly and safe place to live.  

Commitment to environmental sustainability

Number one green city in the U.S. for air quality, recycling, transportation, and green space—National Geographic’s "Green Guide. A longtime pioneer in efforts to preserve the  environment, the UO leads the way in sustainable technology, design, and action. We make green part of our daily lives. 

Preserving Open Spaces in Nature

Hendricks Park is Eugene’s oldest park. It’s 80 acres of healthy, sustainable forest and gardens where you can walk among 6,000 varieties of wildflowers, ornamental plants, and centuries-old Douglas firs. It’s one of over 100 parks in our community.. 




Exceptional education

The UO’s academic rigor and advancement of scholarly research draw extraordinary students and faculty  members.   

Global perspective

While the world gets smaller every day, the UO’s  presence in it keeps growing. UO students come from every part of the planet and travel the world studying, interning, and volunteering.  

Community of individuals

At the UO, we believe that diversity in background, thought, and belief benefits every single member of the university community.  

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