What to Bring

Packing for a new place can be fun and frustrating. Here are some tips:

We recommend you bring no more than one large suitcase, a reasonably-sized duffel bag, and a backpack. It is important that you contact your airline to find out about baggage restrictions to and from the country. Be sure to label each bag (inside and outside) with your name and address.

While everyone has their own tastes and habits, the following is a sample to get you started:

☐  Airline Ticket/E-Ticket number

☐  Passport valid for at least 6 months beyond entry date to United States

☐  F1/F2 Visa Form 1-20 Certificate of Eligibility

or J1/J2 Visa Form DS-2019 attached to passport

☐  Cash in U.S. dollars to cover initial expenses

☐  Clothing 

Fall (5-18 C): Weather is typically cool with a mix of rainy and sunny days. You will want to pack layers: long pants, long sleeves, sweater/sweatshirt, rain jacket, umbrella

Winter (1-9 C): Eugene cools down in the winter and has more rainy days than fall. You will want to pack: long pants, long sleeves, rain jacket, winter coat, umbrella, warm gloves, hats, and socks

Spring (4-17 C): Spring term will have less rain and a mix of warm and cool days. You will want to pack layers: long pants, shorts, long and short sleeves, a sweatshirt

Summer (14 -27 C): Summer in Eugene has very little rain and lots of sun! You will want to pack: shorts, short sleeves, dresses, a light jacket

Student attire: The University of Oregon campus is a casual dress environment.

☐  Sleep wear

☐  Traditional/cultural items from home to share

☐  Everyday walking / sports shoes

☐  Sweater or light jacket/fleece/light windbreaker (waterproof)

☐  Bath items:

Small bath towel/wash cloth/soap

☐  Sunblock, swimwear, sandals

☐  Electronics:

Cellphone, alarm clock, lap top, camera (adaptor for US electricity sockets)

☐  Bookbag, backpack or satchel

☐  Medical perscriptions from doctor:

allergy, glasses, other

☐  Photos of friends and family

Note: Campus Housing and Homestay will provide a pillow, sheets, and blanket. For additional resources see: UO Housing's Packing List.