Intensive English Program (IEP)

The IEP offers English language learning adults an opportunity to improve their academic and professional English skills. The program prepares students for academic work at the University of Oregon or similar academic institutions.

12 reasons to study in AEI's Intensive English Program

  1. An academic focus: The AEI IEP prepares you for university study and integration into academic life.
  2. Immersion experience: Located in the heart of campus, students live, study, and learn side-by-side with regular UO students.
  3. Professional instruction: A unit of the UO Linguistics Department, AEI's 80+ teachers are credentialed with Masters/ PhDs in linguistics or related fields and apply their research and extensive study/teaching abroad experience to their teaching.
  4. Learning environment: Our international classrooms focus on dynamic instruction, student engagement, and skill level specific hands-on learning.
  5. Conversation Partner: Meeting two-hours weekly, trained UO student peers help students navigate US culture, campus, and the US educational system.
  6. Eugene Green! We are serious about our planet, sustainable living, a healthy campus, and enjoying the rivers, parks, peaks, and coast around us. 
  7. Easy transportation: Students ride the city bus for free! We are minutes from the airport, Amtrak train system, and over 70 miles of walking and bicycle paths!  Eugene is a very safe city.
  8. Housing choices: Comfortable and convenient living options from on-campus residence halls and home stays, to off-campus apartment units.
  9. Advising support: AEI's counselors work one-on-one with students to ensure they are academically prepared and successful.
  10. Conditional admission: Interested and qualified students are able to transition to the University of Oregon once they meet English proficiency requirement.
  11. Active living: AEI offers a variety of cultural, social, and adventure seeking events to broaden students experiences and help them adjust to life on and off campus (e.g. games, volunteering, hiking, skiing, rafting, shopping)!
  12. Academic HOME: IEP students are also UO students, so you can use facilities, join clubs, and be part of the excitement.