Academic English for International Students (AEIS)

AEIS helps international students develop expertise in English for academic purposes while they are taking other classes at the University of Oregon.

AEIS Courses

AEIS courses help students develop the skills they need for communication, cultural integration, and participation in the academic environment of the university.

Academic English courses at the 100 level carry graduation credit (4 credits per course) and are graded. AEIS courses are taught by faculty in the American English Institute (AEI) in the Linguistics Department.

AEIS writing classes and Writing 121:

Students who place into AEIS writing classes are strongly advised by the Composition Department to finish their AEIS writing requirements BEFORE taking Writing 121. AEIS writing classes help students become familiar with the basic conventions of American academic writing. Developing these skills in AEIS courses allows students to be more successful in Composition courses and avoid having to retake them. 121 transfer credit does NOT exempt students from taking AEIS writing classes.

Note: AEIS classes are regular University credit-bearing classes that are paid from University tuition, not tuition paid directly to the AEI. The AEI does not charge the students for this service.

For questions about AEIS requirements or testing, see the AEIS FAQ's.

Placement Testing

Placement testing helps to decide which courses students need, and students register for and complete their AEIS requirements in their first year of study.



AEIS Advising Office, 7 Pacific Hall